A Slice of

New York

Time-honored Neapolitan recipe perfected over time


A Traditional New York Slice House

A lot of the recipes come from Mama LaRocco, who was born in Sicily and came to the US in 1922. Paul LaRocco was born in Little Italy, New York City, and was brought up in Brooklyn, where he learned the secret to making the finest dough around, a time-honored recipe for thin-crust Neapolitan perfected over the years. It is not frozen but made on the spot, and if you take a trip to LaRocco’s, you can watch as we hurl it to the ceiling.

Mama LaRocco came from Sicily to New York in 1922. Her recipes inspired Paul and he brought them from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Here at La Rocco’s Pizzeria, you will step back in time and taste pizza the way it was made in 1950’s Little Italy, New York. We make it all from scratch. We hand-stretch each dough and we bake our pies on a stone lined oven. We use only the best whole milk mozzarella, and we don’t skimp on the toppings.

In 2019 Robb Howard took over the helm. He honors the family recipes and techniques. However, he has brought his own creativity to the table. We now bake our own Italian hoagie rolls for our huge sandwiches, we now offer chicken wings that are baked then fried and drenched in Buffalo sauce. We make traditional New York cheesecake from scratch and serve it with a mixed berry compote and our Tiramisu is fantastic.

We are a Slice House. You can get a couple of slices in 3 minutes or a whole pie to order. We have beer and wine, we play good music, we have sports on TV, and we will make you feel at home.

Paul has brought the New York secret to California, and at LaRocco’s, you can taste the difference! Every pizza we make is stone baked to perfection for that true authentic flavor! As for the sauce, Paul uses his grandmother’s recipe, made on-site, and worth simply walking in the door for the smell. (No charge to smell!)

Voted BEST PIZZA in Westchester/Playa By Hometown News

Voted BEST PIZZA in Westchester/Playa By Hometown News